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Four reasons why you should cite sources

Four reasons why you should cite sources

Often we get the question ‘Why should I cite sources? Nobody does that anyway.’ Here we’ll give you four reasons to go the extra mile and cite your sources.

Academic air

The first reason is not the most important one, but it is the most convincing one to most people: it heightens credibility. How do you easily spot an academic paper or work? It’s chock-full of citations. Now, we’re not saying you should cram in citations everywhere in your presentation, but a few here and there can go a long way.

Intellectual honesty

This is the most important reason: honesty. You shouldn’t steal, so don’t. If you pick up a great idea somewhere, by all means repeat it, but don’t claim it as your own. You wouldn’t like your co-worker going up to your boss with the idea you pitched to him just this morning and taking all the credit, so why should you do that to someone else?

Legal reasons & plagiarism

Also, there is a legal framework that people can use against you when you steal their ideas. We’ve talked about legal issues and plagiarism before and it’s not all that easy to understand. Just know that someone can sue you when you plagiarise, so keep on the safe side and cite your sources.

Opinion leaders & experts

Let’s be honest, which quote on politics would you take more serious: the one by Miley Cirus or the one by Abraham Lincoln? Lincoln of course. Why? Because he has more credibility, he is an ‘expert’. A point can be made much stronger when it’s backed by opinion leaders or experts, so why shouldn’t you cite them?

Know of any other reasons why you should cite sources? Share them in the comments section below.

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